Mission & Vision

Over the past 30 years, protein-biotherapeutics (mostly peptides and proteins) experienced major clinical successes and currently represent the fastest growing category of drugs. More recently, following advances in molecular biology, new therapeutic strategies based on nucleic acids have been introduced, as exemplified by the mRNA-covid vaccines. As 30-40 years ago, when recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies began to be developed as therapeutic molecules, it seems that with nucleic acid-biotherapeutics we are again on the brink of a revolution in drug development. The mission of our Research Group is to contribute in the coming years to the leveraging of nucleic acid- and protein-biotherapeutics for (i) lung and eye diseases, (ii) vaccination against tumors and infectious diseases and (iii) cell therapies. Our approach is highly multidisciplinary: from the fundamental understanding of biological extra- and intracellular delivery barriers, over the design of advanced delivery materials and the exploration of light for intracellular delivery purposes, to pre-clinical and clinical studies in which efficacy and safety of the delivery strategies will be evaluated.

To give shape to our mission we aim to create an “academic teaching and research space” for young students and scientists with a strong interest in modern drug delivery. Raising relevant and innovative scientific questions to our co-workers, inspiring them, offering them freedom and independency and showing full recognition for their scientific results and success are highly valuable to us.