Vaccine Delivery Group

Research projects of the Vaccine Delivery Group are situated at the interface of drug delivery and immunology.

Dr. Ine Lentacker

Research topics

We explore the potential of nanotechnology or physical approaches (ultrasound) to manipulate the immune system. Examples of specific research topics that we are currently focusing on are the following are:

  1. Preclinical and clinical development of mRNA vaccine platform (Galsomes). Within our group we developed a novel mRNA nanovaccine as a highly promising mRNA cancer vaccination platform (patented). In this nanovaccine, immunosilent antigen encoding mRNA is complexed together with natural killer T cell activator α-GalCer as a smart adjuvant. Current projects aim to explore and validate the potential of the Galsome vaccine in the context of cancer immunotherapy as well as infectious diseases;
  2. Exploring interactions of nanomedicines with innate immune cell subsets to elucidate fundamental knowledge on the importance of nanomedicine formulation on the in vivo faith of nanomedicines and its potential in the context of vaccination, auto-immunity and cancer therapy.
  3. Ultrasound triggered drug delivery in the context of cancer therapy and cancer immunotherapy. More specifically we aim to explore the potential of ultrasound to spark immune responses and the impact of ultrasound exposure on the tumor microenvironment

Given the highly interdisciplinary nature of this research, the Vaccine Delivery Team has several collaborations with high-standing research groups in different fields like the Physics of Fluids Group from the University of Twente, the Laboratory of Cell Therapy of the Free University of Brussels, the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Erasmus MC Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Illustration of the galsome nanovaccine that was developed in the context of cancer immunotherapy. Therapeutic vaccination with Galsomes stimulates innate and adaptive immune responses tackling the tumor from multiple angles.