Biotherapeutics Research Group

We focus on the design, formulation, and production of novel biotherapeutics.

Prof. Dr. Hristo Svilenov

Research topics

We are interested in transforming biomolecules such as antibodies and peptides into efficient, safe, and affordable medicines. To achieve this, we focus our research on different stages of the development and production of biotherapeutics. In particular, we (1) explore the potential of new therapeutic protein modalities, (2) develop assays that can identify proteins with desired physicochemical properties and high stability, (3) establish methodologies with application to formulation development of biotherapeutics, and (4) study how production processes and postproduction stress can compromise the quality and safety of biologics. The projects in the group are multidisciplinary and usually combine expertise in molecular biology, protein production, and orthogonal biophysical methods for biotherapeutic analysis.